Friday, October 20, 2006

Promising online collaboration tool

Just heard about this tool from the Agile Toolkit Podcast and tried it out as soon as I got to my desk. The idea is that there are times when we just can't get everyone on the project/Agile team together in the same room to sort through, add, and edit a pile of index cards with user stories or brainstorming ideas on them. Sometimes, team members are remote. This tool is designed to create a virtual space where everyone can deal with the same set of cards.

The interface is super simple and well done and it was quick to set up. But I couldn't save my cards from session to session and it seems the security permissions of my workplace prevented any collaboration with colleagues...which was obvioulsy the point of the whole exercise.

The developers readily acknowledge this is in early beta testing so I'd give it a bit more time to mature before using it as a serious tool but it's promising in that it's the best tool I've seen thus far to do what it's designed to do.

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